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QR food ordering menu for restaurants

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QR code-based food ordering menu is widely used by many restaurants for its benefits such as contactless delivery service. Customers of the restaurant are happy to use the QR code food menu because of its contactless facilities.

Does QR food ordering menu work for restaurants?

Restaurants can show their QR code at multiple places in the restaurants.

Customers can scan the QR code through the phone camera and they get the food menu. They don’t want to install any app, the customer gets their food menu by scanning the QR code and option to place the order within clicks.

Customers can place the order directly from their mobile and order goes to your Kitchen Tablet App, you process the order and deliver the food to table number as per the table number booked by the customer along with the order.

Using QR customers can order food through a mobile food ordering system is the best & innovative way to greet your customer in style with full safety.

Your customer can also place orders from their home or offices once they have your restaurant QR code. They share QR codes with other relatives and friends so they can order their favorite food.

You can show your restaurant QR code at each table of your restaurant dining area. The customer comes to take their place of the table and scan QR code to get your full fledge digital menu and start placing their order.

You can print the QR code of your restaurant in advertisement papers, marketing flyers, emails, social media sites, promotional blogs, or whatever media you use for marketing your business.

Customers of your restaurant can get the food menu by scanning the QR code. Select their choice of items from the food menu and place orders to deliver at their home or office and pre-schedule the order for takeaway at their desired time.

Benefits of QR enabled food ordering app?

Contactless Food Services

You can serve contactless services to your esteemed customers and gain their confidence in eating out during this pandemic situation. Patterns of eating out have been changed your customers are more concerned about safety and hygiene. They want to avoid or less human interactions to be safe from infection. Providing contactless services is an opportunity to show special gestures to your customers & employee safety.

Reduce Overheads

Contactless QR enabled web ordering systems to help you in reducing your recurring cost to print paper menus. Paper menus can be a source for spreading an infection from one to many. Using a self-ordering system increase the number of orders with reduced numbers of staff. there will be a saving of staff costs also.

Increase customer loyalty

When your regular customers get to know that you have taken various precautional measures for the safety of your customers, it gains the confidence of your customer and they feel special as you are doing all this for their safety not just to grow your sales on the stake of compromising your customer safety. The safety of your customers & employees is highly important these days.

Advantage of early adoption

If you see your competition, Nowadays every restaurant adopting an innovative way to provide contactless services to its customers. This is a stage of life where everything has been changed due to recent pandemic crisis and people want a change of using the services, they are comfortable with these changes and it gradually increasing to all businesses. If you adopt these changes today your customer will be happier and will use it.

Highly profitable

If you own these types of contactless QR based web ordering systems for your own restaurant brand there will be no recurring charges to use any third-party aggregators. There is a one-time investment which is also too less in terms of features. This cost you can easily get back in a few months of its usage or maybe within the first month only.


How QR Codes Can Effectively Leverage Your Restaurant Business

Do you run your own restaurant? If yes, you can bring traffic to your restaurant and physical location with QR Codes. In this article you will find three great reasons why your restaurant should start using QR Codes today to benefit the growth of your business.

QR code is one of the leading methods to increase your restaurant’s customer traffic through mobile commerce.

QR code is a very useful tool for restaurant owners who are looking to augment their customer experience with speedier transactions and timely information.

You can use QR Codes for your takeout menus, dine-in menus and your real world business advertisement.

In today’s world of mobile technology, QR Codes can be effectively leveraged in your restaurant to improve the overall dining experience for your consumers and yourself. Follow these three tips to benefit from QR Codes:

Mobile  Food Ordering

When customers are able to order food from their smart-phones, it makes your restaurant convenient to them. They are more likely to purchase food from your restaurant when they can easily discover you through mobile technology. Add QR Codes to your takeout menu to create a digital interactive ordering experience for your customers. This will prompt customers to complete takeout ordering online and be able to have the order scanned at the point-of-sale.

Use QR Codes On Social Media

Text-based menus are going out of style. Visually appealing menus are in style. People like to see what they plan on ordering before ordering.

You can offer this option to your customer by strategically placing on your dine-in menu QR Codes to give additional information to your consumers. Allow the QR codes to lead to photos of your dishes with the names of dishes under the photos.

List your menu with visuals on your social media and encourage your fans to share throughout their social media networks.

Mobile landing pages are great to have with your QR codes because your restaurant takeout menu, hours, contact information, map and directions can be available to customers right in the palm of their hands. You can also add special offers and feedback forms with QR codes to give a mobile-optimized experience to customers.

Diverse QR Code Applications

There are QR code Applications for all types of restaurants – fine dining, casual dining, fast food and food trucks.

For a fine dining restaurant you can use a QR code in a city guide advertisement that can lead to the restaurant’s online reservations system and photos of the restaurant.

If you have a fast food restaurant, you could your QR code to your table tent advertisement that will lead to a special promotion for all consumers who enter their mailing address.

With food trucks, add a QR code to the side of your vehicles to allow customers to skip the line if they order and pay their meals through their smart-phones.

Reap the benefits of QR codes today. Adventure Web Productions is here to help you implement QR codes to your restaurant business and create your mobile website.


Among many regulations and restrictions restaurants have faced since the outbreak of COVID-19, the Center for Disease Control suggested minimizing the usage of shared items like menus and human-to-human contact, specifically between your staff and guests. In fact, a whopping 66% of diners said that if a restaurant proactively implemented solutions, such as contactless ordering and food hand-off, it would increase the likelihood of them placing orders -- flowing directly into your bottom line. After all, QR codes are the golden thread between printed materials and digital platforms. In terms of your restaurant’s digital presence, QR codes can easily be implemented across the front of your restaurant, website and social channels. This makes it seamless for your guests to do many things, such as add themselves to a virtual waitlist, book future reservations and even check out your menu before dining in-person or ordering online for delivery.

Pro-tip: Embed a ’hidden’ reward offering within a QR code located in your restaurant for guests who have a keen eye to scan! 


If your guest owns an Apple device, they’re in luck! Apple has made it incredibly easy for guests to access your link by building a QR code reader directly into the camera. Accessing a QR code comes with three easy steps:

  1. Open your iPhone camera and point the lens towards the QR code
  2. Wait until your device prompts you with a dropdown notification
  3. Click the notification and you will be redirected to the desired destination

If your guest’s device is experiencing technical difficulties or does not have a built in QR code reader, you can suggest downloading these 7 QR code reader applications.

A guest using a smartphone to scan a QR code

What may once have not been seen as a hero in hospitality, QR codes have certainly proved their value over the course of the last few months. As we move forward in our redefined era of service and hospitality, QR code implementation and promotion in your restaurant is an investment in a digitized future powered by technology. Learn how SevenRooms’ guest experience platform can help your venue utilize contactless order and pay methods such as QR codes for your guests.

How the Restaurant Industry is Using QR Codes to Support Their Business During Coronavirus

May 19, 2020  7min read

How has the restaurant industry changed due to the coronavirus? For one thing, they’ve realized the need to become more digital. Keeping customers aware of the food services they continue to offer is a major factor for the entire industry’s survival. How can they do this in a safe and effective manner? That’s precisely where QR Codes have come to the rescue.

How has the restaurant industry been affected by the coronavirus pandemic?

Of all the industries affected by the coronavirus pandemic, the restaurant industry has taken one of the hardest hits. Due to the government-mandated shutdowns, the industry is expected to lose 25 billion USD and counting. Millions of employees have lost their jobs and many smaller restaurants will likely need to permanently close their doors because they can’t maintain the financial losses. With no clear end in sight, sit down restaurants with no drive-thru or online ordering system have the toughest challenge of all. But if these restaurants are able to keep in touch with customers by promoting their online ordering and delivery systems, selling brand merch, and emphasizing catering services, that may just be the key factor for their survival.

Why do QR Codes make digital processes easier for the restaurant industry during the coronavirus pandemic?

In the wake of social distancing regulations, QR Codes have become a technology hero. Not only have they been widely used across China to help manage the healthcare system, but QR Codes have also enabled governments to set up country-wide cashless payment systems, and helped brands safely communicate with customers. So, the restaurant industry can use these handy features to their advantage as well.

Easy to use

A major driver behind QR Code’s increasing popularity is the fact that anyone with a smartphone can scan them. For newer models, this can be done automatically with the camera, and in any case, QR Codes are always readable with a third-party app. Because they also come with mobile-optimized content, QR Codes are the perfect partner for digital platforms with an emphasis on mobile, especially apps. So, the restaurant industry can use this fact to their advantage and promote their online ordering platforms in a safe and easy to access manner.

QR Code on a restaurant window to promote food delivery during the coronavirus lockdownA QR Code connects passersby with a restaurant’s online ordering system during COVID-19 lockdown

Flexible types of QR Codes

QR Codes have come a long way from their simple black and white ancestors that only send users to websites (even though a Dynamic URL Code is still useful for that). In addition to full-scale customization options, you can also use QR Codes for a wide variety of situations. These include videos, images, app store links, social media profile links, coupons, events, and much more. You can use QR Codes on digital platforms due to their short URL, or you can use QR Codes on print platforms by simply scanning them. Either way, all of their content is easily accessible and has a wide variety of uses.

Safe for social distancing rules

Another reason QR Codes have been a top choice during the coronavirus pandemic is that they don’t have a minimum scan distance. Unlike NFC technology (what’s often used for so-called contactless payments) that has a scan radius of only 4 cm, QR Codes have no minimum scan distance, meaning they require absolutely zero physical contact to be scanned. As long as the QR Code is large enough and has high enough image quality, there is no limit to how far away someone can stand and scan a QR Code with their smartphone. This is precisely the reason why QR Codes are the much safer option for mobile payments as well.

QR Code payment is safer than NFCQR Codes are the much safer choice for mobile payments as it’s 100% no-contact

Prepares for a digital future

We mentioned above that improving your online presence as a restaurant or food business can help immensely during the coronavirus—and this also extends far beyond this lockdown period. Online food delivery is expected to increase at an annual rate of 7%, and maybe more due to the coronavirus. Once you have something like an online ordering system set up, it’s an additional revenue stream for your restaurant that can be promoted with QR Codes. What may be a survival mechanism now is also an investment in digitalization that will continue to pay off in the future.

Examples of how the restaurant industry can use QR Codes to their advantage

Just how well do QR Codes complement the restaurant industry as a whole? There are many ways you can use them now to help with social distancing, and they will also enhance both print and digital marketing efforts after the pandemic is over.

Paperless and contactless menu

Research shows that coronavirus can survive on surfaces for 2-3 days. To avoid the possibility of cross-contamination, add a PDF QR Code on your menu so that customers can view your menu on their smartphones. Plus, you get the added benefit of saving from having to print seasonal menus or when you need to have an item removed or added. You can change your menu anytime you want without having to reprint again and again.

QR Code on a restaurant menu encourages a contactless experiencePDF QR Code on a restaurant menu encourages a contactless experience

Communicate with customers through social media

One restaurant in New York City began an initiative known as Table to Table as an extension of their restaurant, Kopitiam. Table to Table was originally intended to create food tours across small restaurants in Chinatown. They soon realized that they were actually essential for helping to keep these small businesses alive. With a negative bias attached to Chinese restaurants due to the coronavirus pandemic, many small restaurants had nearly zero customers. Using mainly their Instagram account, Table to Table helped spread the word that Asian food is still safe to eat and promoted online ordering systems for local restaurants.

A QR Code on an Instagram post enables easy online ordering platform access

QR Codes are really useful for social media marketing among the restaurant industry, especially Instagram. Instagram doesn’t allow clickable links in their posts, and users have to visit a page’s bio instead to view a particular link. Often those two are disconnected and the potential purchase that would’ve happened gets lost in the mix. If you use a QR Code on an Instagram post, this solves this issue, because then the user can scan the QR Code and visit the page automatically. In this particular case, you could either use a Dynamic URL QR Code to direct users automatically to an ordering platform or use a Coupon QR Code to encourage purchases with digital coupons.

Take advantage of physical restaurant space

A QR Code on a display sign safely promotes a restaurant’s online ordering system

QR Codes are the single factor that connects print materials to digital platforms. So you can use all the physical restaurant space to promote online ordering systems. Use them on restaurant windowsdisplay signs outside, posters, and table tents. If your menu is readable from your restaurant window, then put a QR Code on it that enables customers to automatically make purchases from a website or connect them to a food delivery app with an App Store QR Code. The easier you make it for customers to find your ordering system, the more they’re likely to make purchases.

Cashless payments on delivery

Another concern the restaurant industry faces is the fear of infections from food deliveries, but there is no evidence that the coronavirus is transmittable from food or water. To help curb this fear, restaurants can offer cashless payments. One easy way to enable this is with mobile payments via QR Code. When you develop an online ordering system, this process could be included so the customer can choose not to pay with cash.

Cashless payments via QR Code make paying for food deliveries safer

This method truly works and many restaurants are getting on board. To give local restaurants a helping hand, a company known as Lavu has even been helping restaurants in Albuquerque set up online ordering systems with QR Codes during the coronavirus.

Not accepting cash or credit cards? No worries!

If you’re a restaurant in Europe who wants to use QR Codes for cashless payments, you’ll want to take a look at the EPC QR Code. These QR Codes are connectable to customers’ digital wallets through Europe’s system of IBAN and BIC. EPC QR Codes use the SEPA (Single Euro Payment Area) scheme which intends to make euro bank transfers in Europe more efficient by reducing errors when manually making payments. So, when they’re combined with QR Code technology, that removes the manual process and automates everything with no chance of errors. Plus, you don’t have to set anything up. Simply create the QR Code for free using your existing bank account and you can use it in a matter of seconds!

Market brand merchandise

A QR Code is used on a restaurant table tent to promote brand merch

To create an additional revenue stream during the coronavirus, restaurants can promote their related brand merchandise as well. If restaurants get the word out that they’re struggling and you can support them by purchasing brand merch, customers will certainly take note of this and try to help. In the same manner used to display a QR Code for an online ordering system as described above, the same can also be done for any product landing pages.

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