OnQrscan| Instant QR Based Foods and Products Ordering System

The most comprehensive platform for QR digital menu There are platforms where you can create a QR code, but no menu. There are platforms where you can create a menu but not design your QR. But We Allows you to do all things | Create , Design, Listings, Online Ordering, Accepting and delivery .
You will get Your Own Branded Custom subdomain Or domain for ordering and Showcase Your Store or Restro
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Innovative Lösungen zur Erstellung eines selbst gestalteten digitalen QR-Menüs

Sie können Ihr eigenes Menü mit dem selbst gestalteten QR-Code erstellen. Auch mehrere QR-Vorlagen machen es besser.

Your Self Qr Based Ordering System with Whatsapp addons


Go Live Now!

Go Digital| Now your visitors will use their mobile phone camera to access your menu | Launch Your Digital Menu and Catalogues in Minutes. No mobile app required Super-fast online menu - PWA View analytics


Ordering is Now Supercharged

Powerful Customers ordering features. The customer can find the link to the menu of the restaurant on Social platforms, word of mouth via friend or if they scan the QR. | After they make their order with the online menu,they are able to send the order directly to Restaurant's WhatsApp and Online Too.


Launch Your Digital Catalogues

Order At Your Favourite Restro or Store in Seconds

Order Your Foods Or Grocery directly by Just Scanning Qr Code of Your favorite Restro or Store| And You Can Placed Your order Directly without Having Any Apps


Share Your Store or Restro Link with Your Customers Now and Connect With Technology

Make Your Instant Menu and Catalogues in Seconds with Your Custom subdomain and Your Customers can order From Your store or Restro directly without Downloading any Apps



Starter Plan

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  • 10 Menükategorien
  • 20 Menüpunkte pro Kategorie
  • 800 Scans pro Monat
  • Restaurants dürfen Bestellungen annehmen
Derzeitiger Plan

Trial Plan

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  • 5 Menükategorien
  • 5 Menüpunkte pro Kategorie
  • 50 Scans pro Monat
  • Restaurants dürfen Bestellungen annehmen
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